April 12th, 2019 | Colombia College

Mark. Your. Calendar. 

9am – 6pm | Registration opens at 8:45am


Keynote By:

Jeffrey Beckham Jr., VP of Career and Leadership Development for the CHICAGO SCHOLARS


Registration comes with:

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to a concert brought to you by SoFar Chicago!


Register in TWO STEPS:


Step 1

Buy your ticket, or buy tickets for your students! There are a limited number of seats available, so if you anticipate bringing a team of 10 or more, please reserve as early as possible! If you’re a student, and your university or organization purchased your ticket, you can skip this step and move directly on to step two!

Ticket purchasing will take you SECURELY TO PAYPAL in a new tab to pay with a card or your PayPal account.



Step 2

Submit your information to confirm your registration! We’ll need to know whether you have food allergies, and we want to get to know you a little. Since, you know, you’ll be with us all day.

Please go through this step on your own behalf, because it’s important that we have accurate information about your preferences/restrictions for lunch even if someone else has purchased your ticket. 

This will also help us make sure that you receive your ticket for the concert! 





You’ll get your confirmation from SoFar Chicago so that you can get into the concert that’s paired with The Summit!


Natalie Noble

“Black and in College!”


LaShawn Holloway

“Keys to Unlock Opportunities“


Morgan Dania

“The Power of Networking”



“Intro to Body Positivity“


Activist in You

“Black Out”


Ashli Giles-Perkins

“Hidden Figures: Everything they never wanted you to know“


Paru Brown

“BYP100 CHICAGO – Organizing 101”


Youth for Black Lives

“The teamwork of Community Organization”


Kwyn Townsend Riley

“D9 Greek Panel: Pledging at a PWI”

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