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June 2020: Denise Gordon

Jun 8, 2020 | Spotlights | 0 comments



  • Name: Denise Gordon

  • School: Florida Atlantic University

  • Year: Rising Senior (Class of 2021) 

  • Major: Leadership and Management Development

Orgs: Owl Media

Personal Bio:

My name is Denise Gordon and I have been in the Entertainment industry for about Five years. When I was little, I always had a rich imagination and a niche for storytelling which always pushed me to write whether it be songwriting or poetry. Growing up with a Jamaican Dad and a Haitian Mom made me think that I was going to be either a Doctor or a Nurse which they swore up and down I was going to become. However, going in to Theatre made me change those plans almost immediately and I never looked back. Theater is what made me want to become a content creator alongside with writing and directing. After changing my major about three times from Biological Sciences, Health Administration and then finally picking Film, I realized that I was born to be tell and make stories. Getting the chance to finally perform is what pushed me out of my comfort zone and on to the stage and eventually behind and in front of the Camera. 


I thought I would disappoint everyone by not being in the medical field, but to my surprise they asked me what took so long in regard to changing my major to film. Growing up in performing arts made me want to tell my story and many others for the past 5 years and I wouldn’t change anything about it. Since accepting what I wanted to do, I have worked with other actors, artists, and directors in multiple productions that have taught me so much. I am extremely grateful to my parents, my close friends and the rest of my support team because they keep me motivated no matter what. I believe that film, television, and theater gave me so much, I just want to give back in the greatest way!

How would you describe the blk community on your campus?

The Black Community on my campus are definitely an eclectic group lol. I feel as though they could be represented better on campus. I can honestly say that every black person whether they’re from Nigeria, Haiti, or just the plain US of A have an interesting colorful personality or they’re Just plain talented. I guess you wouldn’t expect anything less from a culture that is amazingly rich and diverse.

What do they need? What do they want?

 One thing that is needed is the Black Community to be showcased in a way that doesn’t reinforce stereotypes on a PWI. The Black Community also needs a place where they can feel free to express themselves without having to change because they around a certain “group” of People. What is wanted from talking to black students on campus is wanted is to feel welcomed. Also, more programs catered to giving black students more opportunities for their advancement is also is wanted.

How has your school responded to these needs and wants?

The main thing my school has done is allow students to make their own programs that respond to and represent the black
students on campus. We have orgs such as the usual BSU, Fraternities & sororities and other orgs and events put together by students. Honestly the students do more for their own community than the actual school does.

What have you done to improve the student life of black students on your campus?
Since I am a film major, I create new short films and short segments that include the black community on my campus in new and entertaining ways. I like to have fun when I film so why not put the people I admire most in my work!

Why did you choose to attend a PWI over a HBCU? 

Yikes! I chose a PWI because they were offering more financial aid and my parents didn’t want me to go to far. Sucks being the only child.

What is your PWI Survival Guide Tip?

My tip would be to remember that you are an individual. You don’t have to adhere to any false or unrealistic expectation of you whether it is from the Black or non-black community on your school campus. Do what you like! And do what makes you happy.


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