The Black Women’s Corner

Jul 21, 2020 | Experiences | 1 comment

Welcome to the Black Women’s Corner!

By Arianna Williams, Intern

Welcome to The Black Women’s Corner, a series created by interns at The Underrep’d. The Black Women’s Corner is somewhere Black women can come to feel at home, to be themselves, to feel loved, and more. This summer addition to The Underrepd was created by Arianna Williams and Zoe’ Williams simply because Black women deserve the world and more. For years, Black women have been there to nurture and cater to everyone and their needs and now it is time for the world to nurture and cater to her back.  

From One Black Woman to Another

In the second installation of the Black Women’s Corner, the Underepp’d asked female-identifying upperclassmen and alumni of PWIs to submit advice that they’d wished they’d gotten upon starting college.  Check out some of the best advice we’ve received so far!

On Sisterhood

Behind every successful Black woman, there is a tribe of successful Black women who have her back. And remember the world didn’t move until a Black woman said so. So shake the room or the whole building if need be.

On Worth

Know your worth. In this generation it is so easy to get caught up in other people’s wants and needs. Know that yours come first, that your opinion is valid, that you are worthy of an opinion. Know that it is also okay to tell people know. Know your worth and put yourself first.

On Being in the Classroom

Don’t be intimidated by classrooms with professors and peers that don’t like you. Your voice, your knowledge, what you have to offer is so important and means so much in that space.

Want to Submit?

Learn about how to submit to From One Black Woman to Another below!

Within this two part series, there will be letters addressing what Black women go through in America. Topics discussed will include why we stick together, how society sees us, how our community sees us, and how to love ourselves when others refuse to. There’s also an opportunity for Black women to share words of wisdom for other Black women. We hope that you tune in each week to hear our stories. Once again, welcome to The Black Women’s Corner.

Part One: Dear Black Woman . . .

If no one will love you 

I will 

If no one will protect you 

I will 

Not because you’re someone’s mother, daughter, or sister 

But because you matter 


Black woman there’s 

So many things to love about you 

so many reasons to fight for you 

And they don’t 

But I will 


Don’t let their cover ups discourage you 

Because it’ll become a day 

When the hunted becomes the hunter 

And in the end we’ll be everything they want to be 


There will come a day when 

We’re no longer neglected, unappreciated, or disrespected 


There will come a day when our brothers 

Will stop being friends with our abusers and believe us because it’s right 


There will come a day when they’ll stop killing us 

Until then 

run the city up 

Burn all of this down 

If my people can’t sleep in peace 

Find shelter in peace 

Run in peace 

Or Love in peace 

Then neither should yours

Or yours 


So, Black woman 

If the world that we give so much love to 

Won’t love us 

Love each other more 

Care for each other more 

Because in the end we’re all we have 


 Arianna Williams

Dear Black Woman,

I will look for you in the dead of night

When the rest of the world is asleep,

Or pretending so as not to feel guilt,

I will listen to you, let your

Hymns and spirituals guide my body

Until I find yours, and when I do,

I will fight for you,

With keys between my knuckles,

Teeth snarling and body thrashing

Though still, like sugar, I am refined


I will find you and

Carry you home,

Where we bathe in milk baths

And our babies are born

And we will live to see them grow,

Where our palms are warm

And sweet like the shea butter

Of which they reek 

I will oil your scalp with argan oil

Or b and b with the vitamin e

I will be the satin upon which you sleep


When you wake up,

We skip school, skip rope,

Call it double dutch

Afro puffs and bubblegum

In momma’s arms,

We get to be young

How far we’ve gone

Above and beyond

Our praises, this day, will be sung

To you I will go and to you I am from


Black woman

Forever it is you that I love



Zoe’ Williams

From One Black Woman to Another

In this installation of the Black Women’s Corner, the Underrepd is asking female-identifying upperclassmen and alumni of PWIs to submit advice that they’d wished they’d received upon starting college. Think of it as what you would have told your younger self! Advice can range in content from practical knowledge to simple affirmations of encouragement from one Black woman to another. Submit your advice/affirmation here.

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  1. Armelia Williams

    Very good articles from both young ladies. I do agree that black women has alway been looked over rather taken for granted even by her own race but we keep strong and keep moving forward in our lives. Black women have roots that will never be withdrawn.


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