Help raise funds to support Black Collegians!

When you give to The Underrep’d you are helping black college students who attend a predominantly white institution (PWIs).


We encourage you to support The Underrepp’d so we can provide the following for black college student at PWIs:


  • A Virtual Summit
  • Scholarships for black college students
  • Continue our paid college internship program
  • Launch our Ambassador Program
  • Provide care packages to black college students throughout the academic year
  • Assist with fees for 501(c)(3) status


The Underrep’d was founded in 2016 by three best friends who were graduating from a historically white institution. While navigating the ecosystem of white spaces, the three friends realized that more needs to be done for black collegians who attend predominantly white institutions. We created a space for black students to share their stories and for us to provide resources. 

Since our beginning, we have featured students on our websites, held events including a conference with the Illinois Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton, and had over ten interns! All of this has been done out of pocket and with help from our community.


  1. Donate to our GoFundMe Campaign 
  2. Partner with us by offering free services to black students on The Underrep’d platforms 
  3. Donate new items for us to add to our care packages 

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After connecting with black students in our community, we see that many weren’t able to receive financial support during the pandemic (dependents couldn’t receive stimulus checks, some students lost their summer internship opportunities, and others didn’t know how to apply for support). Additionally, most colleges haven’t lowered tuition and some have removed campus housing from their college package. Black students have to balance finances and classes as well as navigate through the racial unrest in this country. They need organizations like The Underrep’d to step up!

The Underrep’d is connected with the students and dedicated to bringing change and resources to their college journey. We plan to offer financial support, events/workshops, paid internship programs, care packages and more. It’s our job to support our students as they enter this new college experience. It’s our goal to bring the community together to raise support for The Underrep’d initiatives.


We are looking to build long term relationships with those who are passionate about uplifting black college students. 


If you are an expert in anything beneficial to black students (mental health, financial literacy, career coaching, etc.) we would love to partner with you on events and workshops! Please email us if interested,


If your company/organization provides products or services that college students need (school material, apparel, any daily necessities, etc.) we can include your items in our care packages or collaborate on a program. Your brand will be highlighted on all our platforms! Please email us if interested,


If you work in higher education let’s connect! We understand the importance of having support from college staff and faculty. We are looking to collaborate on events and our ambassador program. Please email us if interested,


If you are an individual, group, or organization you can donate funds. If you are interested in sponsoring a student for our scholarships please email us,


Everyone should share our campaign link on their platform!


The Underrep’d Virtual Summit 

We host multiple events throughout the year. We are in the process of planning a virtual summit that will highlight college success, organizing, self-care and the state of our country. Donations will help us with any expenses related to using a virtual platform for the event, speakers, digital content and promotional items. 


We will provide scholarships that students can use for tuition, textbooks, housing, etc. Scholarship recipients will be black college students who attend PWIs. Students a part of our Ambassador Program will also be recipients.

Internship Program

We offer paid internships throughout the year for black collegians. Students assist with planning and hosting events, creating content for our website and social media and collaborating with college campuses and other organizations.

Ambassador Program

We plan to create a student ambassador program. Black college students at PWIs can apply to be The Underrep’d ambassador for their college campus. We will provide trainings that focuses on organizing and social justice work. Funding will help us provide financial support to students and fund any events we host on college campuses. This program will allow us to better assist colleges around the country.

Care Packages

Every college student loves receiving care packages. We plan to partner with businesses so we can provide care packages to students. These care packages will include school material, dorm room necessities, items for personal care, food items, etc. Black students from PWIs will be able to apply for care packages. Students a part of our Ambassador Program will also be able to receive a care package.

501(c)(3) STATUS

We would like to register as a non-profit so that we can receive additional grants and funding.

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